Saturday, May 12, 2018

Review: Abbey Court Hostel, Dublin

When booking my trip back to Dublin I decided that I did not want to stay in a hotel if I could help it. So when I went back, I looked into hostels to keep it budget friendly, but researched those hostels closely. So when I booked at Abbey Court it was not taken lightly or whimsically. Abbey Court has been chosen one of the top places to stay in Europe for years, so that's a good sign.

This hostel was worth it! I paid extra to get a women's only room with 6 beds instead of 15-20 beds, which I would always recommend. It was only about $9 more per night but it felt safer and quieter, and that's worth more.

The Hostel: The wall art out and inside is amazing. I searched the Abbey Court Hostel hashtag on Insta before booking, as well as a few others, just to see what it looked like. Abbey Court looked so beautiful and the umbrella ceiling was worth the stay. The views are colorful and make every step fun. The staff is kind, helpful and know how to help you in, from what I heard, at least 5 different languages. Upon walking in I was welcomed by every employee at the counter and even one from behind the doorway, which was nice, and got to check my bag in early (for a 3Euro fee). Breakfast was good and I liked that the kitchen area was open to guests all day to make and eat their own food. All of the employees were encouraging and tried to include their guests in all of the happenings. We did the Backpacker Bar Crawl (a post for another day) on the recommendation of one of the staff and had a blast and nobody fussed about us (quietly) getting back after 3am. Freedom!
Our door!
The Room: When I got to my room I was hoping that I would get a bottom bunk (nope). The beds were what you would expect- bunk beds that don't feel properly attached to the wall with mattresses made of fluff and something harder like fresh sawdust that were only about two inches thick but with a soft pillow to match. Every time I got on the ladder to the bed I felt like the whole thing was going to fall over. And getting down was tough because the ladder was so slim that you couldn't fit both legs at the same time while sitting on the bed to move down facing forward. No room. Sorry for the impending doom, Ellie!
The blanket was really warm, though, which was nice because it got really chilly out. Ear plugs don't seem to do much good- the walls are cardboard thin and every door slams. Every. Single. Door. It's all you hear, it seems. Plus, not the hostel's fault, but rude ass people WILL take their very loud and very personal cell phone conversations into the hallway on speakerphone at all hours of the night. Pro Tip- be prepared for that racket.
Best idea I could think up at 1am after 46 straight hours awake and still too noisy to sleep- Abbey Court, put some foam or something between the door and the lip of the frame to absorb some of that slamming. Good lord, so much slamming.
But it was really awesome to have extra showers and toilets on our floor- it's never a just in case time for extra stalls with 6 or more to a room, there's always a need!

The Area: What a great location! Seriously, you can hardly ask for a better spot on the River Liffey. It's closer to the O'Connell Bridge but sits between that and the Ha'Penny. The good thing about it is how close it is to Temple Bar area, which means markets and donut shops as well as bus stops and walking tours. The bad is that it's close to Temple Bar- which means drunks at 1am whistling for no reason over and over again, people breaking bottles and shouting. But hey, if you don't factor that into your decision while picking a hostel then that's your bad. I expected that- except for the whistle guy. Screw that guy.

Great people. The best possible location. Clean rooms. Not only would I recommend staying in a Hostel instead of a Hotel whilst in Dublin, I would recommend this specific spot with Abbey Court. I absolutely will be booking here again on my next return to my favorite city and I already am looking forward to whomever I will meet next.


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  1. This looks so cool! Dublin's on my list of places I'd like to go!

  2. I have always been intimidated about staying in hostels. This one looks really pretty!

    1. I had been, also. It's not so bad, not scary at all, and def worth at least the hashtag check if you're concerned. People won't boast about staying somewhere on instagram if it was garbage!

  3. love the art that it is in every corner of the hostal. ;) Looks really a nice place for a good price!

  4. your article is awesome.. I'm planning on visit there and I'll look into staying at this hostel - note to self, bring heavy duty ear plugs... lol...
    awesome pictures too...

  5. I don't mind hostels. We don't stay in them often but we always check them out online. Thanks for the tip

  6. I love staying in hostels to meet other people. This one looks really cool. I hope to visit when traveling to Dublin.

  7. I’ve never tried one myself and your post gives me that confidence to try one in the future. The details are great and it looks quite comfy. Surely something I will give a try. The photos help as welll. Sometimes it’s better to share with fellow travellers. Thanks for a great post

  8. I have stayed in Hostels before and don't really mind them but now that I am getting older I prefer my own privacy a bit more :) ;)
    But it does look like a nice hostel.

  9. I never stayed in hostels but reading your reviews tempts me to do it. Though Dublin is high on my list, I would surely look for this place as it is quieter and safe too. Also it is cost effective and budget friendly place. Thanks for sharing!

  10. That seems to be a great recommendation. I love places with such artwork. And with its location, rates and cleanliness; what more coukd one ask for.

  11. Seems like it is perfect in terms of accessibility to places. The kitchen being open all times makes it easier. Glad that they provide warm blankets. I can imagine else how chilly it could have been. I guess this would be perfect for a budget backpacker

  12. I couldn't help admiring the wall art of this hostel. The hostel looks humble, and you got what you want - savings on accommodation. I haven't tried staying in hostel, i need to losen up a bit.

  13. I haven't stayed in a hostel yet. But the Abbey Court Hostel, Dublin looks good. It's definitely comfortable and location is a plus point.I would consider may be on my travels.

  14. I have always wanted to visit Dublin, and my other family members would like to also. I'm not sure I could sell them on the idea of staying at a hostel, but they might go for this one.

  15. The bed really seems to be scary. I can imagine it wasn't comfortable. Personally I don't like bunk bads too, it's always so much truble to climb up the ledder! Or I am lazy :P I like the arts gallery in your hostel though.

  16. Always nice to read hotel reviews and find new places to visit :)


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