Every Kit Kat Ever Made: A Journey In Eating

All right, maybe not EVERY Kit Kat EVER made, but, most of what's in recent years and/or still exists, I hope.

After watching a video of some guys visiting the Kat Kat Chocolatory in Tokyo I decided that I want to try every Kit Kat flavor in existence. Every Flavor. Or at least all of the ones that still exist in the marketplaces of the world. So here is that expensive journey thus far.

I tried looking for a list of every Kit Kat flavor worldwide- a FULL compilation list. Alas, none exist. I reached out to Kit Kat by Hershey and also by Nestle, multiple times- no help. Nobody responded. You'd think they'd think it was a good idea, right? I specifically asked if there was a check list available so I can check off each flavor, but nobody thought enough of anything to reply BUT I know that it's a fun idea and a good way to market the brand. So, you're welcome.

So I made my own. To make my list I scoured different lists, Kit Kat sites around the world, other people's blogs, Instagrams, hashtags and so on. It took over a week! I asked about 100 people on Insta where they got their fancy flavors and tried to institute snack trades with people in other countries to send me Kats for American treats but nobody bit.

Anyone interested?? Holla at me somehow.

I digress. The LIST. Here it is. Most are from Japan so I just marked the ones not from Japan. The countries are as close as I could figure, and some products are the same in different countries so I just listed the country of origin as the one I saw most in the search, or first. (Example, the Chunky NY Cheesecake flavor is listed as Canadian here, but it is available in other places and probably from the UK anyhow? But I bought it in Windsor so Canada works as an avenue to purchase. I will accept corrections in the comments.)

I am going to strike out the ones I have already tried and will link back to reviews and so on and so forth when I get to that level. For now it's just a thin line. Cool? Cool.

Abundance of Mandarin
Adzuki Bean Sandwich
Ako Salt
Aloe Yogurt
Amaou Strawberry
Annin Tofu (almond jelly)
Apple Pie
Apple Pie and Carrot
Apple Vinegar
Apricot Dessert
Autumn Chestnut
Baked Butter Cookie
Baked Cheesecake
Baked Pudding
Baked Sweet Potato
Banana Nuts Caramel Cluster (Malaysia)
Banoffee Boom (UK)
Bean Paste
Berry Good Luck (S Korea)
Bitter Almond
Bitter Strawberry
Black 80%
Black Sugar
Blackberry and Elderflower (UK) 
Blood Orange
Blueberry Fromage
Brandy & Orange
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar & Kinako Flour
Buttered Potato
Butterscotch, Pretzel & Pecan (UK)
Cacao 61%
Cacao 72%
Cafe Latte
Cafe Latte w/ Cookies and Cream (Malaysia)
Calpis (a Japanese soda)
Caramac (UK-inspired caramel biscuit)
Caramel Burst & Sea Salt (Canada)
Caramel Crisp (Arabia)
Caramel Duo (Australia)
Caramel Macchiato
Caramel Pretzel Duo (Australia)
Caramel Pudding
Caramelized Hazelnut (Arabia)
Cashew and Sea Salt (Singapore)
Cayenne Pepper
Chendol (Singapore)
Cherry Brownie (Arabia)
Cherry Bakewell Tart (UK)
Chili Special
Chili Crab (Singapore)
Chili Passion Fruit
Chilli Mint (UK)
Choc Fudge Mint Cookie (Australia)
Choc Whirl (Australia)
Choco & Mango Pudding
Choco Mint Ice Cream
Chocolate & Rose
Chocolate Banana
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Chocolate Covered Strawberry (US)
Chocolate Mousse Deluxe (Australia)
Chocolate Overload (Australia)
Chocolatier Strawberry & Nuts
Christmas Pudding
Chunky Big Kat (US) 🎥
Chunky Caramel
Chunky Choc Fudge
Chunky Choco Fudge Sundae (Australia)
Chunky Chocolate Mint
Chunky Coconut
Chunky Cookie Dough (Aus)
Chunky Cookies and Cream
Chunky Double Choc (Australia)
Chunky Fudge
Chunky Gooey Caramel (Australia)
Chunky Hazelnut
Chunky Milk Chocolate (Canada)
Chunky Mocha
Chunky NY Cheesecake (Canada)
Chunky Orange (UK)
Chunky Peanut Butter (UK)
Chunky Protein Raspberry Hazelnut (Canada)
Chunky Salted Caramel Fudge (Canada) 🎥
Churro (Brazil)
Cinnamon Cookie
Citrus Gold Blend
Coconut (Arabia)
Coconut Whirl (Australia)
Cookie Crumble (Arabia)
Cookie Dough
Cookie Plus
Cookies & Cream
Cookies and Cream (Australia)
Cookies & Milk
Cookie Plus Chocolate
Cookie Plus Vanilla
Cotton Candy(Brazil)
Cough Drop
Cranberry and Almond
Cranberry, Caramelized Pistachio & Coconut Macaroon (UK)
Cream Cheese
Creme Brulee (Arabia)
Crystallized Garden Mint (UK)
Crushed Almonds
Custard Pudding
Daily Luxury Matcha, Double Berry, and Almond
Daily Luxury Yogurt, Double Berry, and Almond
Dainagon Adzuki
Dandelion and Burdock (UK)
Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate (US) 🎥
Dark Chocolate 70% (UK)
Dark Mint (UK)
Desirably Dark (India)
Dessert Delight Choco Pudding (India)
Dessert Delights Dark Choc Brownie Kubes (India)
Dessert Delights Truffle (India)
Double Berry
Double Cookie Cookie Butter
Durian Delight (Singapore)
Earl Grey (UK)
Earl Grey with Orange
Easter Pancake
Espresso (Arabia)
Espresso Biscuit (UK)
Espresso Coffee
Espresso, Cookie & Hazelnut (Australia)
Eton Mess (UK)Fragrant Tea
Fruit Mix
Fruit Parfait
Fruits & Vegetables
Fruity Crisp (Australia)
Gateau Du Mont-Blanc
Ginger Ale
Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Gold (Australia)
Gold Choc Whirl (Australia)
Gold White Swirl (Russia)
Golden Citrus Blend
Gran Wafer
Green Tea (US)
Green Tea & Adzuki Bean
Guava (Brazil)
Gyokuro Tea
Halloween Pumpkin Pudding
Halloween White Chocolate (US) 🎥
Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge Brownie (Aus)
Hazelnut Cream
Hazelnut Crunch (Arabia)
Hazelnut Crunch (Canada)
Heartwarming Ginger
Hokkaido Adzuki Bean
Hokkaido Cafe Au Latte
Hokkaido Grilled Corn
Hokkaido Melon & Mascarpone Cheese
Hokkaido Milk
Honey Corn Flakes (Singapore)
Ice Kacang (Singapore)
Ikinari Dango (“Sudden Dumplings” made with mochi, adzuki bean, and sweet potato)
Inside Out
Itoh Hisakonemo Uji Matcha
Itoh Kyuemon Hojicha
Itoh Kyuemon Roasted Uji Matcha
Iyokan (Japanese citrus similar to mandarin)
Japanese Chestnut
Jasmine Tea
Kankitsu Citrus Blend
Kinako Ohagi (red bean and mochi sweet rolled in roasted soybean flour)
King of Fruits (Malaysia)
Kobe Pudding
Kopitiam Breakfast (Singapore)
Kuchidoke Kakao
Kumamoto Tea
Kyoho Grape
Kyoto Matcha
Lamington (Australia)
Le Patissier Takagi French Bretagne Milk
Lemon Cheesecake
Lemon Drizzle (UK)
Lemon Posset (UK)Lemon Squash (a Japanese soft drink)
Lemon Vinegar
Love You Berry Much (S Korea)
Luscious Lime
Luxury Every Day Cran Almond
Luxury Gianduja
Mango & Passion Fruit
Maple Syrup (Canada)
Marble (Australia)
Marmelade (UK)Masuizumi Sake
Matcha & Kinako
Matcha Bean Jam Bun
Matcha Latte
Matcha Milk
Matcha Tiramisu
Melon & Mascarpone 
Men’s Almond
Mild Bitter
Mild Bitter & Blueberry
Mild Bitter and Orange
Milk Chocolate (UK) 🎥
Milk Chocolate (US) 🎥
Milk White Coffee
Milk Tea (Malaysia)
Milk Tea Duo (Indonesia)
Milk Tea with Rose (Singapore)
Mint Choc Whirl (Aus)
Mint Creme & Cookie Smash (Canada)
Mint/Dark Duo (US)
Mixed Juice
Mocha (Arabia)
Moléson Matcha
Momiji Manju
Mt. Fuji Blueberry Cheesecake
Mt. Fuji Strawberry Cheesecake
Muscat of Alexandria
Muscovato Syrup
Nangoku Mango
Nasi Lamek Special Edition (Singapore)
Nasu Highland Milk
Ondeh Coconut Creme (Singapore)
Onsen Manju (hot spring buns)
Orange Chocola 
Orange Chocolate
Orange Cocktail Noir
Orange Peel
Orange, Pineapple and Crunchy Pecan (Malaysia)
Oreo Ice Cream
Oshiruko (sweet red bean soup)
Party Ice CreamPassion Fruit
Passion Fruit Sparkle (Australia)
Peach Mint
Pistachio (Brazil)
Pistachio & Raspberry
Plum Soda
Popcorn (Philippines)
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pumpkin Pie (US) 🎥
Purple Sweet Potato
Rainbow-Licious (Singapore)
Ramune (Japanese soda)
Raspberry Blast (Arabia)
Raspberry Cheesecake Duo  (Australia)
Raspberry & Passion Fruit
Raspberry, Rose & Hibiscus (UK)
Red Berry
Red Pepper
Red Velvet (US)
Red Velvet Whirl (Aus)
Rhubarb and Apple Crumble (UK)
Rich Kinako (soy bean flour)
Rilakkuma Hot Cake
Roasted Green Tea
Roasted Sweet Potato
Rose Berry
Royal Milk Tea
Ruby Cocoa Bean 🎥
Rum Raisin
Sakura Matcha
Sakura Sake
Salt & Lemon 
Salted Caramel
Salted Caramel Whirl (Australia)
Salted Egg Yolk (Singapore)
Salted Vanilla
Satsuma Sweet Potato
Senses Caramel Burst (Canada)
Senses Creamy Mocha (Canada)
Senses Double Chocolate (UK)
Senses Gold 
Senses Hazelnut (UK)
Senses Hazelnut Crunch (Canada)
Senses Salted Caramel (UK)
Shinshu Apple
Snax Mix (Canada) Sour Orange
Soy Sauce
Soymilk Chocolate
Sparkling Strawberry
Sports Drink
Strawberry (US)
Strawberry & Condensed Milk
Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Fromage
Strawberry Hazelnut
Strawberry Ice CreamStrawberry Maple
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Tiramisu
Strawberry Wa Ichigo
Strong Matcha
Sublime Bitter
Sublime Matcha
Sublime Milk
Sublime Raspberry
Sublime Raw
Sublime Ruby
Sublime Volcanic (Papua New Guinea)
Sublime Volcanic (Phillapines)
Sublime Volcanic (Vanuatu)
Sublime White
Summer Salted Almond
Sweet Cinnamon (US)
Sweet Corn
Sweetness for Adults Feuillantine
Sweetness for Adults Matcha
Sweetness for Adults Premium Mint
Sweetness for Adults Raspberry
Sweetness for Adults Strawberry
Sweetness for Adults Strong Matcha
Tiramisu Duo (Australia)
Tiramisu Espresso Mascarpone (Canada)
Tochi Otome Strawberry
Toffee Treat (UK)
Tokyo Banana
Triple Berry
Triple Chocolate
Ujikintoki (green tea shaved ice)
Umeshu (Japanese plum wine)
Unshu Orange
Valentine’s Day Lemon
Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Ice
Vegetable Juice
Watermelon Salt
White & Milk (Canada)
White & Mint (Canada)
White Chocolate (US)

White Peach
White Vanilla
Whole Grain
Whole Leaf Green Tea
Whole Lemon
Yatsuhashi (Cinnamon-seasoned cracker)
Yawataya Isogoro Chili
Yellow Peach
Yogurt w Cranberry
YokohomaYubari Melon
Yukimi Sakura (snow fall)
Yuzu & Pepper
Yuzu Sake
Zunda (sweetened edamame paste)

I will periodically go in and adjust my findings, but this is the first draft, I guess you could say. If anyone knows if any of these are no longer in creation, or have a new flavor to add, please let me know. This is probably going to be a lifelong goal. I'm ready.

If any of you are interested in a snack swap, also, please let me know.

Share kindness out there!


  1. R U kidding me? They really make all these? Then how come I've only ever seen milk chocolate (and white & dark, I vaguely recall)? This blows me away.

    Of the ones you've tried, which are your favorites?

    1. So far the UK chocolate is the best. The American versions are so limited, that may be why you don't see many. It's insane!! I live right by Canada so I went over and got a few flavors, some I haven't tried yet. I have the ruby cocoa in the mail and I have a feeling I will love that one.

  2. Hi Kat,

    Thanks for compiling and sharing this list! ��

    A couple of notes from me:

    1) Tiramisu (Canada)—I've been looking for this one and I believe it's out of stock/discontinued now. ��

    2) There's 2 different Tokyo Banana collabs.

    3) There's a Sublime Passion Fruit now.

    Cheers and Good Luck!

  3. That is an excessive list! I'm not sure how I feel about Wasabi...

    Could you reach out to people from different countries to ask for donations? It might help you taste them all more quickly.

    1. You know, I bet wasabi isn't the worst! It's def a culture shock kind of thing, I'm guessing, but miso and some of the sake ones might be bad, but I can't imagine anything worse than the seafood ones!


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