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From my newly established Facebook page:

It's just Penny and me tonight. 

Hello! It's me again, trying something new... again. As you know me, or you don't, I'm always looking for new adventures, new ways to feel excited about something. After traveling parts of Europe this fall I felt more inspired than anything I've really felt before to keep going. What's possibly more exciting and ever-changing than the world of travel and learning something new daily? So, here we are. I hope you enjoy reading my voice on these adventures, and learning the means in which I've booked on a budget, traveled more cheaply than most and how I've found the deals in order to be a budget traveler. My goal within the traveling is to try new things and see new places, pet all the dogs and try all of the ice creams that I can!


Let's be real a minute.
My parents labeled me a work gypsy many years ago. I can do 100 things in 100 days to try to make something happen while figuring out how to have a clear voice. In all honesty, gang, I've had many types of jobs that I have loved, and some that I have hated- Direct Sales at Home Depot, Hostess, Library Clerk, Pub Trivia Office Queen, Salesman, Makeup Artist, Dog Wrangler... Some worked, some didn't. But, I noticed, all revolve around talking and working with the public in some way. There are probably about 50 unlisted here, but let me assure you that they also revolve around conversations, stories and/or ideas being shared. It's hard to find what you're most passionate about when you feel passionate about many different things. The difficulty lies in people constantly wanting more or less of you, and trying to find the balance. I'm a sassy sweet-talker. I'm Gilmore-esque in my banter and fueled by Red Bull. I've worked to make sure my voice is clear and honest, witty but also genuine. Please, see for yourselves, and maybe we can strike up a conversation about travels, ideas, passions, anything! Where have you gone? What have you done? Where are you going?
In Efteling.

This is who I am. I'm Katie. I'm imperfect, loud, exciting, chatty, whimsical, creative and magenta. I want adventure in the great wide, somewhere, as Belle says, but I worry that I will grow up to be the "I need six eggs" lady who can't afford to live. For anyone that's had a dream, I hope we can meet and inspire one another. Follow me on my adventures and share with me your thoughts.

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