Review: Thirsty Thursday at Westview Winery

This week I did another new thing; just like my 2018 New Years' resolutions told me to do!

The whole place is Pinterest worthy

I went with my galpal Kat up to Westview Orchards Winery for their Thirsty Thursday food and wine pairing party held once a month at the winery. This month's theme was a nod to dads- Berry Good Grillin.

Since Kat and I go there semi-regularly to play trivia on Fridays anyhow (we won our passes to the event through a first place win like a couple'a smarties), a bunch of the people knew us. It's like our Cheers, I'd say! Well, we were warmly welcomed to their first time doing it out on their terrace, which was nice because it was great weather out and we could still see the baby goats running around in their pen. And let's be honest- I went for the goats and food. And friendship, of course!

The garden party, as I guess you could call it, started off with a watermelon salad with feta, basil and a nice balsamic glaze. For as much as I don't pick watermelon to eat- it was pretty good with everything else! A little refreshing, even if I did start taking the basil off halfway through. It was paired with the Summer Breeze Chardonnay made on site. Well, all wines are made on site, so keep that in mind. The Summer Breeze was crisp but a little too much for me.

The second dish was grilled vegetables- asparagus, cauliflower, and onion petals in the WVO's (Westview Orchards') roasted garlic oil as well as buttered and grilled sweet potatoes. This plate was served with a Catawba- which is less musky than another brand I had tried. This one was my favorite, and Kat's. She bought a bottle for home, that's how good it was. It paired well with the veggies, too, because it was the added sweetness that asparagus lacks. Only, I got so into the asparagus that I forgot I even had wine there until half my plate was gone. Oops! Guess it was tasty!

The Main Entree- meat! The heart of any BBQ, right? If you eat meat, I mean. I don't eat meat so I just tried to take in the lessons about the cook of it to try later at home. But Kat enjoyed. We had a plate of grilled chicken marinated in WVO house made honey, mustard and apple cider. It had a good cook on it and paired well with the Red we were served for this one, called Sweet Revenge. The second meat was a grilled flank steak with salt and pepper. The chef let us in on her pro tip: marinade your steaks in something carbonated to bring out more flavor and also keep it juicy longer! She used beer for this menu, I think, but she said you can use anything that strikes your fancy. She mentioned having used beer before, root beer, colas, even carbonated water once in a pinch. She said it all works, and if you pick a dark pop you enjoy, like root beer, it may linger a touch in the cook for a fun flavor. I did bring this plate home to my hubby because he loves him some steak, and he really enjoyed it. The cook was perfect and the flavor of the steak was clean with just the light seasonings to taste. He didn't get the Sweet revenge to pair it with, but I'm sure he would have loved that, too.
I realize it looks like strawberry blob but I assure you it was perfection.

Now- the Piece De Resistance! Dessert! The Westview Strawberry Donut Sundae! All the joys!!! Upon reading the menu I said "BRING IT ON, THE MORE THE MERRIER!" Keep in mind, we're in an orchard where cake donuts are made fresh. This sundae was started with said donut, vanilla ice cream and a fresh strawberry sauce from their summer stock that I swear you'll want to take a dive into! It was so tasty for such a simple idea that I'm def going to start doing it at home on special occasions. (You can buy their donuts any time- also for trivia night they do donut flights for $3 in about 8 flavors to choose from like Oreo, cinnamon sugar or Reese's peanut butter cup- and they never skimp on the toppings!) Dessert wine was served here; Just Peachy- a sparkling peach wine that I have had a few times at the winery. This one I do like! If you read me before, you know that I'm not too terribly into wine or alcohol except when it's bubbly! This one tastes like summer to me- it's light and fun, like a nice breeze. So corny, I know, but it makes me think of beaches, friendship and trivia nights.

This place, I love it here! It's so beautiful and they love playing into their theme of being a winery in their decor and kitschy knickknacks. Even if you're like me and don't drink a lot of wine, they have hard ciders, sangria and DONUTS! The atmosphere is beautiful and in the fall the orchard is open, as well as their (difficult as cripe) corn mazes, petting area and pumpkin launch at the end of the season. It's a great family spot during the daytime, but perfect for adults at any time of day. The food is good, the people are swell and there's tons of free parking and baby goats!
Our usual trivia table is the red corner spot on the left

Until next time, be kind to one another! Cheers!

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  1. Oh yes. Sounds like a perfect evening out! Baby goats, wine, meat, donut sundaes?! Abso-freakin-lutely!!

  2. Oh, look so fun and there is food. I am in

  3. OMG, this is one of my favourite things to do.. Wine, great food and animals - its my version of a good life and relaxing weekend.. I look forward to see where your going next....

  4. Oh my gosh, love your Thirsty Thursday post!

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