Resolutions, Schmesolutions; I Write Travel Blogs

I have a friend, Joe, who introduced me to the idea of ditching resolutions for the new year in favor of creating a "Would Be Cool" list. My resolution last year was to get back to Ireland and I did that, so, mid-year I re-resoluted myself and just urged more travel and new sights.
But is it considered cheating to set a resolution publicly even though you know it's the one and only resolution you can and will even try to keep? Or even a resolution at all? So, I guess, that's why I decided to sit and make my own WBC list, something I can look back on and check off as I go. Big things, little things, pipe dreams, doesn't matter. It's a small bit of something that I am looking forward to thinking on, something I hope can inspire others in action or even just thinking. Then, at the end of the year I will look back on and update, cross off or add photos to my list.

I dub this my year for creating. Creating more art, more writing, more skills, more plans, more or bettering friendships. Creating the 35 year old version of myself.

In no particular order, I give you my Would Be Cool list:
  •  See flowing lava. Anywhere. Not like, walk through it or anything, but just to see if the color of it in real life is the same or better than how it looks in photos and videos. 
  • Learn to surf. I technically learned this past summer but didn't get to put it in much practice because it was so choppy out on the water, so I'd like to actually go out.
  • Visit the Simpsons store in Myrtle Beach (Hi, Frank)
  • See the Ellen show live in Burbank. Who knows how long she will still be taping after this season!?
  • See one new country
Mexico 2018
  • Do more Blogger meet up events, even if it means heading to Chicago all year because the Detroit scene is so 2016.
  • I'd like to work on Affiliations or Sponsors for my blog this year. Or for travel, like an event, a place to stay, entry into something neat to write about, food. Anything. 
  • Create an email subscription list  better than the one Blogspot provides. Joe, may need ya! To Chicago!!
  • Go to NYC. I've never been anywhere close, and the spectacle and glory of it are not beyond this Theatre degree holder
  • Do a show with my old band, or at least some of it. 
  • Learn how to make chocolate bonbons
  • Explore a real, legit haunted spot
  • Get the Dutch Liberation Day logo tattoo in respect to the celebration my Dutchie sister and I had together in May with her peeps
  • Read 40 books. This is a goal every year and in 2018 I made 41 books at December 30th. 
  • Meet a new celebrity.
  • Be in the Pacific Ocean. I have been in her connecting waters many times- gulfs, bays, so on, but not the actual ocean since 1998.
  • Scratch off/record three new states on my Travelled maps. Some ive indeed visited but have zero photos from so I need to revisit.
  • Meet a llama
  • See a screaming goat in real life and also get screamed at by a goat
  • Go to more concerts
  • Get published three times (because last year I was published twice!)
  • Roller skate again
  • Write more- work on old novel and screenplays
  • Try that melty cheese log thing everyone's talking about
  • Try a cronut. Years behind here! 
  • Go to a convention or event that has a free gift bag
  • Pet more foreign dogs
Im sure I will add more as I think of them, at least in my brain. It's not all travel related but I can make it work! 

Do you have your own Would Be Cool list? What's on it? Should I add it to mine?

Until next time, be kind to one another! 


  1. Would love to try many of the things from your list or just be able to travel a bit more :) hopefully on 6 months to my homeland :)

  2. Your list sounds like so much fun! I would love to do a lot on your list! My would be cool list would include dating my husband each month and making amazing memories with my boys.

  3. My WBC list would include sleeping under the Northern lights, finish visiting all the states, and traveling to all the Disney parks world-wide (or even just going to the Florida parks with all my kids and grandkids).

    1. That sounds rad! I'd love to see more of the northern lights, ive only seen a small sprig in northern Michigan once! And I've only ever done Disneyworld in Florida. But im ok with it so far!

  4. I live that idea!! I'll need to borrow that idea. I don't bother with the negative resolutions! Would be cool list is much better

  5. This is such a fun and fresh idea! Resolutions can often set us up for a world of hurt (we tend to set our expectations really high and attach ourselves to the outcome which can bring on a ton of stress if they don't work out). But a Would Be Cool List sounds like it comes from of a place self-love, self-compassion and fun. I adore it! Thanks for sharing ♡

  6. Great post, I like the idea for a Would Be Cool List! What a refreshing article. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nnnniiiccceeeee....I for one, don't have one. Just living out one day at a time, you know!

  8. I like the idea of a Would be Cool list rather than resolutions!

  9. Thats such a great idea having a WBC! Kinda gives you a guide to go off of while planning trips but wont make you feel like you failed if you hit them all! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I have always wanted to see flowing lava (and touch it lol); I know the first goal is at least attainable. Logically I know I can't touch it, but it looks like it would feel so cool- until my hand burned down to the bone. Also, love the goal of 40 books. I am aiming for 24!

  11. I am kinda doing the same thing! My main goal is to travel more, but I have a few lists in my bullet journal to guide me. I want to go to Boston again and also travel around California.
    BTW, there is an alpaca farm that you can visit in Iowa (Somerset Alpaca farm . .. I think) and I have heard it is free. I'm not sure if this is even remotely close to you though. Happy travels!

  12. I have never been big on making resolutions but I love the idea of a Would Be Cool list. In terms of travel, seeing the Northern Lights and the Great Migration would be two things on my list.

  13. I love everything on your WBC list but my personal favourites have to be get screamed at by a goat. I'd really like to travel more although I'm not sure how much I'll be able to budget in this year, but it would be cool! And I know the novelty probably wears off a bit when you live there, but I'm so jealous of your plans to visit so many different states! I've only been to the US once and spent a couple of days in Philadelphia and New York but I'd love to see more of it

  14. I'm with you on getting affiliations/sponsors for my blog and reading books :-)


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