Chicago's Top 3 Cheesy Meals

Everyone loves cheese. Liz Lemon sings about it.  Ricky Gervais was quoted as saying he only works out so he can eat more cheese. Even my lactose intolerant mama indulged!
So, proving that we're all in good company, allow me to set your cravings on edge with a list of some of the best cheese plates (at reasonable prices, of course) that Chicago has to offer.

Mac and Cheese; Public House
Public House is popular for her burgers and overstuffed milkshakes. All of Instagram will show you that. But a popular yet underrated dining option is their Mac and Cheese. It's perfectly creamy, seasoned and filling in its own crock. It's not as photogenic or extravagant to those not in the cheese world, but it's probably the best thing on the menu. It's not too big, comes piping hot and at $11, it keeps your belly happy. It can easily be your biggest meal of the day. I added broccoli to my dish but you can choose from a myriad of add-ins including meat, veggies, more spices and cheeses.
I also got the seasonal flavor of Milkshake- Strawberry dream something or other. It was strawberry milkshake with Angry Orchard Rose and I did not like it. I did, however, love the fixins of it- the cake, cookies and chocolate covered rice balls things. But the shake itself- nah. More on that later.

Quesadillas; El Hefe Chicago
My friends fellow world blogger,  Hanna, took me here on a walk about one night. She had come before for taco night and, honestly, 'nuff said. I got a cheese quesadilla and a bowl of elote (corn) dip for the table. It was the perfect meal, but too much food! We went during happy hour, so my 'dilla dish was only $4. For that little dough you expect it to be wee, yeah? It was not. It was full sized, filled to spilling and stuffed with gooey cheeses and pico. I was tempted to come back the next night for another, it was so delish. It's really filling, not terribly expensive (during dinner hours) and worth every calorie. Every. One. Plus they make their own sour cream and it is dee-light-FULL! I'm not exaggerating. It was an incredible dining choice and I thank Hanna to this day for the introduction. It's a must do next time.

Pizza; Bacci
I am a Detroiter. And as a Detroiter I have a particular pizza style that makes me swoon. And it is NOT Chicago style (not sorry at all) ! Luckily for me, though, there seem to be just as many New York Slice style pizza shops in Chicago- the second best style if you ask this cholesterol queen. My last romp around the city was a painful 3-7* so I came to Bacci for both pizza and shelter. The pizza itself was delightful and gigantic. The crust is just how it looks- slightly dry but still flavorful and easy to carry in your mittens. I believe the slice alone was $7 but it was large enough to be a meal and a half. It filled for a few hours of hunger delay (which was especially good for me because my train home was delayed 4 hours and I was fine.* Dementors, am I right?).
There are five locations, but I was near the West Side. I imagine all are the same, but I liked that I  could sit in the warmth and eat my monster slice in peace for over an hour without feeling like I needed to eat and vacate ASAP. The only tough spot was that this location closed early- 3pm! Possibly due to cold, come to think of it. So, scratch that. Winter blows. I hate it.
*Fine during the extra wait. However, the five hour train ride back to Detroit had me craving a second slab of pizza

These places are just the tip of many cheese coated icebergs that we call Chicago. I welcome tips, location ideas and plate suggestions. I'll be back in Chi-Town (just kidding, nobody should call it that) in July for a punk show, so I will be sure to stop by a place or two. Please send cheese.

As always, be kind to one another and avoid the Noid.


  1. I stop by the Public House every time I hit Chicago. Which, unfortunately isn't nearly as often as it was prior to having out baby...

    1. I actually think I will go back next month! A friend of mine has never been and it's worth trying another milkshake without booze!

  2. I'll look for these places the next time I'm in Chicago...they sound delicious!!!

  3. I live for quesadillas! If a restaurant sells them, you can guarantee that I will be ordering them - to be fair I'll order anything that contains extra cheese, because I am 100% with you on the love of cheese. :) I enjoyed reading this post, thank you

    1. Thank you, and YES PLEASE! I'm a sucker for sour cream too, which was good at el hefe, and sometimes i will order something specifically for a reason to eat the sour cream!

  4. The food looks so amazing! Thanks for sharing!


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