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I was graciously invited to the Detroit Foodie Tours stop in Rochester for a night of sampling delicious eats and drinks. I brought my friend Kat with me as the meat connoisseur of our night. We shared plates, drinks and opinions throughout the food tasting, and here's a bit on our footpath and what we had to say:

We started O'Connor's Public House to find a delicious Irish boxty style appetizer. It wasn't made from a potato and was more like a savory crepe, but it was delicious even without the chicken and gravy. I could probably have eaten 3 more of them and been good.

I was excited to go to Sweet Island Yogurt as a general rule for life and I had no idea that they were serving out samples of dragon's breath, a nitrogen ice cream treat more akin to off brand Cap'n Crunch cereal than ice cream, sadly. It's really fun to watch the nitrogen smoke pour out of your mouth and nose, although you have to eat it within the first two minutes because shortly after it loses its charm. They also have a whole wall of custard and yogurt flavors: regular ones like chocolate or vanilla, but also Butterfinger, vanilla macaron cookie, toffee. Kat and I shared our samples to try the best of both words but we will definitely come back for a boba and another cone.

From there we moved further down the road away from where the crowds were starting to grow and sampled some bumpy cake ice cream from Sanders. It's a local favorite in MetroDetroit so it was no stranger to us but still very much welcome in our lives.

It was established that D'Marcos Italian is worth a real try just by stepping foot inside of her gorgeous dining room. We were told there would be a vegetarian option here, alas, there was none. So I missed out on something savory and gave my meatball freely. Kat enjoy both that and a beef ravioli, which which the ball was better, but the restaurant is incredibly beautiful, worth taking a date to.

Tonia's Victorian Rose tea house. The place to go, I tell ya! Tonia is clever in her designs. Her tea house is a beautiful Alice in Wonderland blue outside, Mad Hatter inside. The food Tonia created for the event- spinach quiche and mini scones paired with a mint iced tea- elegant perfection. It was one of the best quiches I have ever had- and as a vegetarian and a breakfast food lover, I can tell you that that is a lot of quiche. The few minutes we had to wait in line to pass through here was worth it, and I'd have done it again if I could. Come here for theme trivia one day and get a menu catered to that theme in all of it's perfectly crafted and immaculate glory. We heard her Harry Potter nights are (ahem) magical.

Cose di Lusso was a surprise to me. I'm no wine drinker, but I'll sample. We were given a sample of two wines- and Italian red and a Rose, and I learned a little about myself. I do not like warm wine, nor do I care for reds. I always thought I wouldn't be able to tel the difference between cheap and expensive, but apparently the sugar and cheapness of inexpensive wine is more bearable to me. But Kat was having fun and that's what matters. Cose is a gorgeous yet tiny place, but it's a great place to go with a small group. They offer pairings, they customize for occasions and they really cater to you with expertise. If you, like Kat, are looking for a Wedding Wine, this is where you go.

Fieldstone Winery was also a neat place. This is a more casual wine bar setting. It's a great place to go with friends as a night cap after dinner down the road, perhaps, or a great start to the night with Rose slushies. The bartenders were really cordial and appeared to have zero stress from the event, so I can only imagine how great it is here on a regular night with a normal amount of people standing around inside for a drink.

Cupcake Station is what it is. Cupcakes galore! I was impressed with their selection of minis and they also catered to vegans, which was very thoughtful. The staff was friendly as heck and the lemon mini is scrumptious and I will be having another some time.

Georgio's Pizza and Pasta was a true gift. The garlic knots offered were perfection- everything Kat
and I needed after so many sweets and wines. They really gave the hustle and bustle because every few minutes a fresh tray of bread was coming out. It was hot, garlicy and amazing. The best in town and the best choice they could have offered for an event like this. If they could pop in to every foodie event that'd be really swell.

Dino's Cookie Dough Bar/ Rofuco were simultaneous dreams come true. Kat and I have both always wanted to come to  a cookie dough parlor like this, and to get three samples (Sugar Cookie, Monster and Minty Chocolate Chip for me) of divine flavor. It's everything you want it to be without your aunt hollering at you about eating raw eggs. And the Rofuco fudge- mother may I?! I chose to sample the chocolate orange and the angelic lemon lavender. The latter was a perfect mix of the flavors, creamy, melted straight away and sure to also melt the cash straight from my wallet. It's a must try. It's all a must try.

Bigalora Cuchina, what can I say? We will most definitely be back here. To put it in perspective some, their pizza was veggie-friendly (YESSSS) but covered in mushrooms (I just can't!) but I did! Well, I picked most off, but there were some smaller pieces broken up and you know, I didn't even care! The rest of the pizza was so delish that I could ignore the one thing I hate most!! They also had a sparkling wine called Bubbs that I, oddly enough, really enjoyed and Kat not so much. Guess I need the bubbles. Bigalora is not just at home in Rochester, however, as there are restaurants in Royal Oak and Ann Arbor and a food truck roaming the streets. However and where ever you can find it, you have got to try their pizza.

Grand Traverse Pie Company was a delicious last stop. They served us (ice cream shaped) scoops of chicken pot, apple and cherry pies. The crust is so flaky that it's near better than the filling! Come here for dessert  after you're full up from dinner at Bigalora. Come twice. There are many pies.


The wrap up: all in all it was a fantastic night at an event that seemed so full of life. There were so many options surrounded by nice people, and I left with a list of places to come back to- which I do believe was the goal. We could not hit all of the stops for the sake of time, but also because by time we got to a few spots halfway through the event they were out of food. So, better planning is a must, and definitely give the total headcount of tickets available in total to the vendors well in advance, gang! The tour was exceptionally convenient, check in was easier than going to the ball game and they bright green signs in each door made everything so much clearer than it could have been. Running out of food aside, this event was well executed and smart. You could see the work involved and the consideration and commitment of community involved. There's another tour coming up September 7th and I suggest making a date of it. It's great for pals like us, romance and family bonding.

For more info on Detroit area food tours check this:

As always, be kind out there! And eat more pie!


  1. I love food tours! If I'm ever in the area I'll definitely be checking this out! :)


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