Dublin's National Wax Museum

When my husband and I arrived in Dublin the very first thing we did was get lost in the airport. But aside from that we picked up our Dublin City Pass cards (DublinPass) and took a bus to Dublin proper. We got shuffled from the bus about a half mile from where out hotel was, but it was the closest stop to Blooms. Not the worst, but still I felt silly walking around town with a big bag (so be advised if you plan on getting a city pass card and using it as your transport from the airport- it does not drop you off at your destination unless your destination is in the middle of construction somewhere in Temple Bar district)!
Well, as luck would have it, we walked right smack dab to the doorstep National Wax Museum Plus on our way. I had wanted to visit it as 1. I have never gone into a wax museum before and 2. it was part of the City Pass! Tickets are ordinarily €15 so it was a great help to our budget to be able to get in for free having already paid for the cards. 

The museum itself didn't look too big from the outside- boy was I wrong there! Coming in we saw a small lobby and gift shop, of course a gift shop, and they were kind enough to let us stow our bags behind the counter. Let that be a lesson, it never hurts to ask for a little help! Well, we started out in a hall of science and mirrors. Best believe we ran into our reflections a few times! Some of the science was left for nightmares, as you can see. A giant WTF at this one:
The way it's all mapped out is spectacular. I got a kick out of the mad hatter looking clock filled staircases. It's no way to live, though- all those clocks ticking! Really cool to look at, though. 
There are centuries of waxed Irish history by way of vikings tales, religious history, pain, suffering- all the good stuff. The fairytale looking enchanted tunnel was really beautiful. I think I went through it twice! I enjoyed the change in atmospheres in each section, too. It seems like a lot was crammed into each section so at times it felt like the wax walls were closing in! I really enjoyed the notable Irish writers section (am I the only one who thought the young Oscar Wilde was stud-ish?) I also loved the rock and roll section, which was short, and let's all mock how potatoey they made Trump look in the other notable Americans corner (not pictured because- why would I?). I was looking at Michael Jackson and Tina Turner thinking "God, what a slightly horrifying things these are, wax museums. What if they all came to life like in Toy Story? They sure as shite look like they come alive. Is he staring at me?" and a lot more along those lines. For some reason, maybe because we could get closer to the Hollywood figures and other artists- but they really jump into your brain as something to be weary of, am I right? So sketchy looking, like they're forcing you into an R. L. Stine series.
I see you, Tina.

I loved the Hollywood side, it looked like a little more time was spent on these guys. Or maybe they're just more modern? (see the Joker above) The details on some of these were incredible and I know not everything is made from wax, but geez, people work hard to make these! The artistry in each of these, insane! Also, what a weird job to have.
My favorite Irish actor's dad!

My favorite section was the Horror genre area. Like others, I wish it was a tad more interactive, but it the kind of scene in which you would picture Vincent Price narrating as you walk through. Creaky doors and random bursts of lightning-like light and the like. Some of the exhibits were made creepier by the fact that they were simply lurking wax figures, which made it  a different kind of  scary fun- more like a haunted house (possibly not the goal). It took it from looking at a was guy to seeing that wax guy come to life as a creepy Freddy in the kitchen about to look at you like you're next! Henry Jarrod on the brain in reverse. 
This screen area was real cool. Creeeeepy. 

All in all, our trip to the National Wax Museum in Dublin was worthwhile. Don't go in expecting it to be like a theme park- it's more or less an hour to an hour and a half's worth of activity. At times I felt childlike going through, and the way the histories were told almost read like a book. You get to know bits of Irish culture in a different way by taking in some of these views and reading their plaques. Maybe my point of view on it is a little more horror themed (or weird?) but I really did have visions of them all coming to life and being killers like any true horror buff would. Plus, I have seen House of Wax (both versions) many times, so don't think for a minute that I didn't check to see if any of them looked more human than mannequin! It's definitely worth the trip inside, it's truly spectacular to see the amounts of work and talent these artists have, and to see how they capture the essence of characters so well in the designs, even if they do look like they'll murder you if you get locked in by mistake at night. I enjoy the macabre, or even the idea that something like could become so- so to my friends I would say GO! and have some fun in your imagination whilst here. It's family friendly (discount tickets for kids), safe for all ages (har har) and a good conversation waiting to happen because where I come from we don't have anything like it (that I know of- again, see Henry Jarrod). 
Detroit Tigers in Dublin!

For more information or to plan your visit check out: www.waxmuseumplus.ie/
For Dublin City Pass info: https://www.dublinpass.com/ 


  1. Wax museums are so interesting and slightly horrifying! Totally because of toy story moments, I haven't seen one with a horror section before though so that's awesome

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    1. Check out my most recent post, it details how I planned a trip back to Dublin on the fly with great prices! You, too, can cross something off of your list!

  11. This looks like a cool place to visit! I would love to go to Dublin one day!

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