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I'm often asked "Why Dublin?" when asked where I'd rather be. I always say it's true love.

I had a short conversation with the staff at Abbey Court Hostel via Facebook the other day over a Conde Nast list of "Top 10 Things in Dublin" for tourism or something close to that and was impressed with the list because I love Dublin, but also felt it lacking- so, mixed reviews. It had the usual stuff you would expect to find on a tourism list- things I loved too, traditional tourist spots and then the list was done. That was it! It lacked was heart, tradition, history, reason and whimsy. It didn't mention music at all, bites to eat, nothing. It came down to Abbey Court inspiring to write my own list.
I had a middle seat and basically left a face imprint on the window

I loved this country from the absolute moment my eyes came across her scenery from the Aer Lingus window. Hubby and I went together last October to fulfill a dream of mine to go. I went solo for my second trip, did everything on foot, slept a total of 7 hours in 3.5 days (no joke) and had the time of my life. So as someone who fell in absolute love with Dublin and visited twice in 7 months, here is a list of my personal faves in the city; something for the new tourists and something for locals who forget how amazing their city is, repeat vacationers and people out and about. Aside from just walking around the city and seeing the sights, the bustle and the architecture of Dublin, this is my list of must-do items for any Dubliner-in-training:
Samuel Beckett Bridge on a wander

The Guinness Storehouse- Even if you're from Dublin and know the stories, I think it would still be a greatly festive tour once and again. To me, a brewery tour is something rad to do when guests come over; it's like showing off a little bit because it'd be a piece of your town's history- or state, or country- that only this place can delight them with. I personally enjoy the history of it all, like the glimpse of the 9000 years lease Arthur Guinness negotiated, or the Nitrogen display in the brewery tour. The Gravity Bar though, a definite must do!
You can see for miles!

Anne's Lane- Every Instagrammer's dream, right here. Zozimus seems like a pretty cool bar and all, but I think people really peek out for the installation. I did.

Abbey Court Hostel- highly recommend staying here if you're looking for an affordable stay and don't mind light sleep. Probably best for solo travel or friends. You can read my full  review here. I would definitely stay here again. If you're not staying, the block it's on is sensationally located- right between Ha'Penny and O'Connell Bridge on Bachelor's Walk. I miss it already.

Backpacker Pub Crawl- I'm not a beer drinker nor a pub crawler and even I had a blast. For 12 Euro you get 5 bars and a nightclub, free shots and a Guinness. We bought the tickets at our Hostel, met at the Mercantile and hoofed it all over from there. We saw a really great band at BadBob's and I wish I could recall their name for you, but it was the star of the night for me.
Naturally my gals and I took center stage for the photo

Ha'Penny Bridge- For whatever reason, the first time I was here I didn't stop at the bridge at all. In all of its glorious history, the locks and meaning to the city, I somehow didn't think of it. So when I went back it was my second stop. I stopped on the bridge and took in the scene, the people and took a photo every time I could, which was a lot because my Hostel was directly across the bridge. It's a must do, really, because if you look at Dublin hashtags and don't have even one memory of Ha'Penny you will feel left out. Trust me. 
Photo by Eliza

Trinity College- This campus is incredible. Truth be told, I looked into their Masters Film program last year. People talk about the writers who went here and may or may not have leaned against a tree, but really, it' the beauty of the architecture that I love. It's already on everyone's list of Dublin things to do, so I'll just say this; take a look around and don't let the fact that actual students will judge you for being a tourist at their school stop you. It's worth it! Pro Tip: On campus is the Book of Kells tour. It costs around 17 Euro for the tour but it ends in the Long Room, which, to me, was the only reason to take the tour in the first place, so it's kind of a butt kicker to pay that much to see one room. But still do it. 
Outside Berkeley Library on Trinity Campus

There are many, many more things to see and do in this city. I couldn't list everything obviously, but I tried to put in places that you might feel sad about missing, like I had felt after my first trip.
A few participation awards go out to Christophe's mashed potatoes right on Bow Street, Bubble Waffle Factory on Merchant's Arch, Marsh's Library, Grafton Street for musicians and street performers, Molly Malone's rack, St. Patrick's Cathedral (I like it more than Christchurch but both have unbelievable stories), St. Stephen's Green where only the sassiest of magpie birds walk, and basically all of the city's graffiti. I love you. 

Did I leave anything out that you feel passionate about in Dublin? Let me know in the comments!

As always, be kind to one another. Tschuss!

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  1. Going to Dublin is a dream of mine. Ireland in general looks so beautiful from all the pictures that I have seen.

  2. Wow, I didn't realize there were so many awesome things to do in Dublin! Thanks for the picture tour!


  3. From your photos, I can tell that this city is amazing! I definitely want to visit one day (maybe try out the Pub crawl)! Great post girl!


  4. I love that you decided to make your own travel guide when you couldn't find one that suited your fancy. And what a wonderful job you did! Now I want to visit!

  5. Dublin hasn't been high on my list of places to visit, but this post makes me want to give it a chance. Aesthetically, it seems to be pretty cool and there are some pretty cool things to do there.

  6. Dublin is one of the last European capital I still didn't visit. I didn't realize there were so many awesome things to do over there! After looking at some of your pictures, I know I will definitely have to visit soon :) THank you for sharing

  7. I would love to visit Dublin someday! Thank you so much for giving me so many ideas for when we finaly get to visit. So happy you had a good time :).

  8. Dublin is somewhere where i really want to go but being in the UK keeps being put behind as we so close. It is said to be an expensive city thus another reason on the lower part of the list . However said all that there is so mush to do here . The backpackers pub crawl surely is sometihng i would love to get involved in. thanks for sharing

  9. You are right that any list of top activities for Dublin MUST include both music (preferably in a great local bar) and great food, of which there is increasingly plenty in Dublin. Your list is great, a more balanced coverage of how to make the most of Dublin!

  10. I loved my time in Dublin, and did most of the things on the list! I definitely enjoyed the Guinness Storehouse, and tried so many different varieties too. Ha'Penny Bridge is really not to be missed!

  11. I'd love to go to Anne's Lane and see other traveler's at Backpacker's Pub! Love this list for any Dublin's first timers! :)

  12. Bucket list for sure! Thank you for breaking it down with this clear, practical guide.

  13. After reading your post, I agree that one shouldn't miss the Ha'Penny Bridge. Book of Kells tour at Trinity College sounds interesting, too, though I'm not sure about the Guinness Storehouse and Backpacker Pub Crawl since I'm not a beer drinker.

    1. I'm not a Beer Drinker in the slightest, nor do I do much alcohol but the experiences were both really fun anyhow. Going to Guinness isn't anything about beer but more taking in the culture and history of the beer in Ireland and The Backpacker pub crawl is just a good time out with friends that takes you to a dance club at the end which is right across the street from a couple of good restaurants

  14. AHHHH I LOVE Dublin! Somehow I missed Anne's Lane! We've visited twice, but feel like we need to go back and do everything again. I also didn't like Guinness until we did the Guinness tour- now I love it!

  15. I've never been to Dublin but it looks like a fascinating place! I don't drink so I wouldn't be very good on the pub crawls though!


  16. This was such a great and informative post, love the accompanying photos. I've been to Dublin twice myself but both times have only been for one day/night (flying visits if you will). I'd really love to spend more time there. If I end up going back, I can revisit this list!


  17. This is a great list! I am not a fan of a pub crawl but I would definitely go for a street arts your, this always fascinates me. I need to come to london finally..

  18. I would love to go to Dublin - so much to see and do. I didn't know there was a Sphere with sphere sculpture outside the Trinity College. I've only see the sculpture outside the Vatican Museum. Can you believe that I've still not tried Guinness! The pub crawl looks like great fun and such a bargain too!


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