Haunted Michigan: Return to Eloise Hospital

Haunted Michigan; Part Two of Eloise Hospital

***UPDATE 10-26-20 I spent a good chunk of time thinking about this post and how I can update it for the holiday season to segue into a follow up about Eloise and such. Well, as luck would have it, EVERY SINGLE SHOT from my time at Eloise is gone from my phone and my cloud. Every single one. Including movies. Thankfully I put the spirit box vids on Youtube while still at Eloise last year or I'd be even more upset. As a joke I reached out to my buddy Todd about it just to be like OH MAN WHYYY and he said that it's happened to him but mostly his photos just get distorted, it's happened when they had Bridget Marquardt at Eloise- she somehow lost all of her photos, too. So, it's nice to be fitting in and I love the idea of being time-release haunted and all, but also, don't be a dick, ghosts. Come on! We can't go back and retrace our steps because a new group owns the tour rights. So, crap. So, guess I'm residually haunted.***

A few weeks ago I was invited back to Eloise with Detroit Paranormal Expeditions for a full-fledged investigative tour. If you'll recall from my last post, my first trip inside was with Todd for a private tour and interview sesh just swapping stories and such.) This time, instead of keeping it quiet, it was a full on rager in the paranormal world- excited guests, chatty spirits, a creepy bunny dolly! It was really creepy sitting in a chair like a misplaced child left it for us to find (even though I know it didn't just turn up in the chair like that).

I took the 11pm event, and was slightly worried that already being awake for 17 hours would diminish my perceptions but nah. Adrenaline and my trust Red Bull helped. We started off in the newly freshened up basement, the very same one I felt airplane syndrome in the last time. Todd and I went down ahead of the crowd so he could show off his hard work and we felt really heavy almost as soon as we hit the bottom step. We walked to and fro from the stairs to the old ceramics corner in the back (you may recall some basement footage from this video) which felt a little bit lighter in atmosphere to me, but Todd admits he's still not crazy about. On our walk back toward the group, in the hallway of the basement by the stairs, we were hit with a really weird stench that stopped us from climbing the stairs back up. Naturally, we got our scooby snacks and started sniffing the air for a source and location. It was permeating from the elevator area and into the back room to the left. ZOINKS! What I think is a little strange is that we took the very same stairs to come down and veer right to go to the pottery corner, and didn't notice it then. (In the video, when we enter the room as we're smelling the air, the stairs are right to our left- you can hear the crowd upstairs) We both felt the urge to run away like school girls and back up the stairs to safety, but we lingered on and continued to feel nasally violated by whatever it was we were discovering. You can see my cinematic skills in the video, but I tell you, no words can do the smell justice. It is unexplainable in reason and description.

On to the investigating!

Once gathered in the main room of the basement there was a display of the what's what of an old psychiatric asylum: an OB/GYN chair, old records, that creepy stuffed rabbit, a non-creepy 70s era Faygo pop can. We discussed some of the artifacts, strolled around and mingled. One lady was already halfway to a good conniption fit and we hadn't even started yet. That's what the pressure of this place will do!

We trotted up to the first floor for a walk about and then for some ungodly reason shuffled up to start the experiments in spirit boxes on the 5th floor using only slightly battered staircases. But after some mild huffing and puffing it was worth it! I sat on the floor of the women's quarters while Jeff discussed some experienced DPX had had while there the previous months. A spirit box was brought out that was explained to be special because it was made from the wood of two reportedly haunted locations: Monroe House and Emmett House. Jeff chose to use an app rather than a radio, and he explains the pros and cons below. Once turned on, we listened to Jeff say a few things to get the proverbial ball rolling and then we were welcomed to say a few things ourselves, which just carried on to regular chatter and a lot of leaning in toward the lights to hear despite the exceptionally high volume. It lead to a pretty interesting conversation back and forth, as it can best be described, between us and the spirits who seem to mostly know that they're spirits. Check out 5:10-50 to see how rude some of those guys were to us! Let me just say, watching the video from the spirit box that I captured instantly put me back in that headspace- I get the same stomach drop thrills and exhilaration surrounding my brain like the fog that I had in person. Maybe some of that energy will transfer to you, dear reader.

Note nearer the end the footsteps of the tourists and the cat meow ringtone- not ghosts.

As everyone moved to the 4th floor I noticed the secret pathway (not really a secret, just a dark cornery spot of door) that lead to the roof. Todd and I and a few others went up there to see the sights from above the 5th. You can see Detroit a little! If you squint! There's not much to say about a rooftop that's been under recent construction other than there was a shocking amount of empty pop and beer bottles up there. We found the rest on the 4th just as they were moving to the very exciting 3rd floor, so if you're bumming out about missing what happened on the fourth- gotta go see for yourself. There was some action, we heard, but, I can't say what because I was on the roof. *shrug*

On 3 we saw a bit more of a museum style room- a pool table, broken this and thats about, a TV and a good storytelling platform. While cleaning this area there were a few knocks and crashes that none of them could or would have created and then Joe saw the broken records on the floor. Those records were moved to the case in the basement, but are pictured below. We heard a story that made a ghostly enemy in Joe because he refused to leave a bed and people were pissed about it. They didn't know why, but the spirit box kept telling him to get up or leave. Then we went into the same room, on the same bed with the SAME JOE and tried to incite the same threats. Well, long story short, yes, they still don't want Joe on the bed. We heard all about it. It was radical! But it never felt dangerous, ominous or unwelcome- though I can't speak for Joe. But he should be used to that by now...? You can hear the same woman in the beginning, possibly French, but it's unclear. If anyone speaks French or understands her, please chime in. Her voice is woven throughout the transmission. It's easy to miss but near the 2:07 mark you can hear a distinct "oui oui", then another voice says "the obsession" and then, who I think is the same French lady, starts singing a few bars of something that I do not remember hearing in person, but she has a lovely voice. Watch for yourself and comment below if you hear something different.

Second floor we tried something different. We used the spirit box again but also had cameras set up with Jeff's computer to show any movement, changes in heat and/or shadows. I did miss some of the set up facts so you will just have to go and see for yourself what exactly was used for the next tour. (ticket info below) We had some storytelling about a few experienced had in the past in the very hallway we were in, and then we all sat on the floor and watched. For the record, they do like Joe because he's a Police Officer and they like that he helps others. Very thoughtful. Opening up the spirit box channels again we learned the sad stories of a few of the spirits still living in the hospital. One had deep sorrow for decisions made, one was guilt-ridden, possibly over abortions performed, but a woman also chimed in on those words. It's truly heartbreaking, some of these voices, because you realize that despite us coming in for a rush and a spook, these are people's lives we're prying into. I sit and wonder if they like us or hate us, resent us or are glad to see us because, geez, how boring it must be to live there. Maybe I will ask them about that next time. I did say my first time in that we should open a puzzle for them to play at. I tried.

Nearing the end of the night we went back down to the basement meeting room to take in some more EVPs and stories. I did want to witness those accounts but I also got to chatting with Ace and Jenny (DPX team friends) about other establishments and homes they had visited that were outrageous. We started with the group and slowly pulled away to not disturb. The excited calm of the first meeting place was quickly evaporated as we entered the main hallway, because, as you just read above, the Janitor lurks. And it's a palpable feeling. Picture being out with your pals and someone you don't want to talk to keeps coming over and every time they approach they get closer and closer to your person to the point of saying 'back up off this' because you're worried they might lick your neck. That's the Janitor. Just in the hallway it was like walking into a shock, like going through a spiderweb when you least expect it- just from crossing a doorway. Like a small amount of oxygen was taken out of the room. We stood in the hallway for a few minutes, talking away, but the feeling of being watched grew more and more intense. Jenny caught a shadow of the Janitor in a selfie photo taken on a previous trip so I tried it. I only caught an Ace in mine. That hallway, though! Uncomfortable. Ace was saying that he's noticed that Janitor prefers the females, and if, like we were now, the gals outnumber a fella, the Janitor would stick around to see if anyone breaks off from the group so he can play. Ace was saying how when he and another woman were down he could feel the darkness of Janitor around them, but if he and a woman and another fella were downstairs, Janitor did not come by, but sat pouting in his smoke scented corner (see vid above). He's put off by a greater amount of testosterone, is the guess. I think Janitor knows what he does, and he plays his cards well enough to elicit the feelings he wants to pull out. Jerk. Realizing our odds and how this weirdly darkened feeling was electrifying the air in the hall we made it to the kitchen and that feeling was gone just as fast. The kitchen felt chilled (it IS a basement, after all) but clear and clean. Like fresh air. No irksome feeling, no impending doom. For a while.There was no warm welcome for Janitor in the kitchen, but there he was. We all stopped talking for a minute to look at one another, alert to the change in atmosphere. You know how heavy rain fills the air around you and pushes you down like a weight? That's his presence in the kitchen- thick, dark, unwanted. You could just tell that this guy was a total asshole in his waking life. We eventually left because the party was over, not because of him. For some reason all three of us need to stay planted where we were like some sort of stand off even though we knew we can't live there forever like Janitor does. I don't think we are holding on to nearly as much anger as he is. It makes sense that he's the dweller. The basement was, to me, the most thrilling and unsettling. I'd probably never go it alone. Probably. Maybe. Ok, I might. If I had my citrine on. Intense. Yeah, I probably would.

Here she is after Midnight. 

I can try to describe it all day, but honestly, it's something you have to do live. It's a personal feeling, really, different for everyone. And that's how most of this is- personal. Some say that these experiences affect everyone differently depending on their state of mind, their alertness, their availability and openness to it. Honestly, it's not a terrifying place. But it is sad. The idea of learning some of these stories seems positive to me; these people are finally being heard and/or felt. Every time you're here is once in a lifetime, and the hard work and respect that DPX has for this building and her history and truths (and one another) is awe inspiring. If you get the chance to come here and meet these kind and wonderful people you can expect a wild ride, an education and some new friends (dead and alive, mayhaps!). It's emotional, it's beautiful, it's energizing and confusing.

I have brought you all back here for a quick burst of terror in an effort to honor the upcoming tour they're hosting with psychics Ken Boggle and Dr. Gina Marie for an evening of readings and investigations. Check out what they have going on later this month and if you can make this event- do it. It's eye opening. And very real.

To get tickets to the Event: https://www.ticketstripe.com/eloiseasylum
For more information on DPX: https://www.detroitparanormalexpeditions.com/

As always, show kindness out there! And have a great adventure.


  1. Thank you so much! It would not let me comment there! Phone thing?
    Yeah janitor LITERALLY sucked air from the room. He liked making us feel that way.
    The spirit box is my favorite tool or equipment piece in this. I've communicated on one before in a different location in Detroit. I wrote about that once in March.
    I love that you seem to actually care for this place like I do. Its exciting but also still someones home! I think you get it.

  2. Thanks, babycakes. I thought about putting together a haunted michigan book because though there are a few, most of them are rubbish. But, for things like this, I feel strongly that those videos are necessary! Kinda hard to put in a book...

    I like to explore, too, haunted or not. But, kind of especially haunted. For Eloise I looked for comfort in some of the places I had spent time in before, i noticed updated stuff, especially in the basement because it was more cleaned up than my first time in, but sometimes just feeling a tad more comfortable in your surroundings doesn't help! Like, not near Janitor.

  3. That was so scary :) I could feel it all through the computer screen :)

  4. Wow, this sounds incredibly intense - so intense that I'm pretty sure I could not have dealt with it in person, but I really enjoyed reading about it. You really create a feeling with your words, it's great.

    1. Thank you so much! Part of my goal is to freak people out, keep things interesting!

  5. Real detailed post! The 70's Faygo can looked creepy enough on it's own without anything jumping out of it. I used to hit the haunted winery in downtown Farmington (MI) every year but the city shut it down a couple years ago

  6. HAHA I don't know if I'd want him to!

    But thanks for the other part,it'd be a dream to travel the world looking for haunted spots, imagine how Jerusalem would be or some other ancient cities! I try to live in the moment while still locking it all to memory for later, and sometimes, as i learned in the vids for part 2, living in the moment WITH the recorder on is helpful because I captured some sound bytes that I didnt hear in person, like the french lady from floor 2 i think!


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