2019 Wrap Up on that Non-Bucket Bucket List

As stated almost one year ago, I nix bucket list ideas because they sound too distracting. If you didn't learn to crochet your own likeness into a puppet like you thought you wanted to do this year then you're kind of filled with regrets or bad feelings about not accomplishing that, right? Or something like it, at least. But a Would Be Cool list? That takes the pressure off! So I created a WBC list for myself early on in Jan to try to keep my year fun, creative and exploratory. It was my year of the creative and I think I latched on to it pretty okay! I got more into creating canvases, writing and even started a new project in Kit Kat discovery that's taken my taste buds to numerous countries and regions from around the world.

I also don't do resolutions because I know it's a losing game before it even starts. Who doesn't want to read more, work out more, eat better, save money or pet more dogs, right? We all want that. Again, it builds guilt. So no, that's not what I want. I just want to be me.

So, as a fun recap for pretty much only myself, here's my 2019 WBC list- let's see what was cool:

  •  See flowing lava. Anywhere. Not like, walk through it or anything, but just to see if the color of it in real life is the same or better than how it looks in photos and videos. Not even close
  • Learn to surf. I technically learned this past summer but didn't get to put it in much practice because it was so choppy out on the water, so I'd like to actually go out. Also not close
  • Visit the Simpsons store in Myrtle Beach (Hi, Frank) Too expensive of a drive. I wanted to go with my brother but his health was not great this year and he would not, or I would not, survive the drive.
  • See the Ellen show live in Burbank. Who knows how long she will still be taping after this season!? I entered for tickets but was not picked
  • See one new country Not new but I hadn't been to Canada in 13 years and Toronto specifically in 25 so it counts
  • Do more Blogger meet up events, even if it means heading to Chicago all year because the Detroit scene is so 2016. I went to an app launch party in Feb and a few IG friends meet ups and such in Chicago and Toronto
  • I'd like to work on Affiliations or Sponsors for my blog this year. Or for travel, like an event, a place to stay, entry into something neat to write about, food. Anything. I got invited twice to the Detroit Foodie Tours events to write about for them! It was really fun, but the Detroit tour was way cooler than Rochester.
  • Create an email subscription list  better than the one Blogspot provides. Joe, may need ya! To Chicago!! I actually lost interest in this one. I felt like it was the thing to do at the time but like, I don't even subscribe to many blogs.
  • Go to NYC. I've never been anywhere close, and the spectacle and glory of it are not beyond this Theatre degree holder Done and in love with Manhattan. I'm constantly dreaming about living there and doing theatre work. Like, constantly. It's a sickness.
  • Do a show with my old band, or at least some of it. Nah, this didn't pan out.
  • Learn how to make chocolate bonbons Just got a bunch of kit materials for Christmas so there's still time.
  • Explore a real, legit haunted spot Twice!
  • Get the Dutch Liberation Day logo tattoo in respect to the celebration my Dutchie sister and I had together in May with her peeps Still time, but maybe I'll save it for when I'm in Holland again? I have so many tattoo wants it's unbelievable.
  • Read 40 books. This is a goal every year and in 2018 I made 41 books at December 30th. I'm on 38.
  • Meet a new celebrity. Met Matthew Gray Gubler, doy! Nearly twice. 
  • Be in the Pacific Ocean. I have been in her connecting waters many times- gulfs, bays, so on, but not the actual ocean since 1998. Came near it I guess, but not in it.
  • Scratch off/record three new states on my Travelled maps. Some I've indeed visited but have zero photos from so I need to revisit. I've done two! NY and NJ. Three was an arbitrary number in the first place, no meaning behind it.
  • Meet a llama I met a few local llamas and pet them and fed them stuff
  • See a screaming goat in real life and also get screamed at by a goat I know they exist but I still haven't met one or know anybody who has
  • Go to more concerts I went to a few- nothing terribly huge but saw some of my favorites in two states: Saw my buddy Joe do an acoustic set, saw Showoff at Beat Kitchen, The Casualties at Small's and a few more I'm sure.
  • Get published three times (because last year I was published twice!) 1.5 times. Two, I guess- once on The Commoner again, which I will never fall for again because they're awful and once on another blogger's page about Michigan cities. I didn't write a lot, mostly just submit some ideas on her already established topic of mispronunciations of Michigan cities.
  • Roller skate again First one crossed off in 2019 with my Theatre Bizarre crew

  • Write more- work on old novel and screenplays Picked up my play for real and started working. It's not even half through act 1 in my first draft but it's still something concrete started.
  • Try that melty cheese log thing everyone's talking about It was too expensive
  • Try a cronut. Years behind here! Totally forgot about this one while in NYC but I hear they're all hype anyhow
  • Go to a convention or event that has a free gift bag Got a makeup gift bag at a blogger event launch party which was fun but also had a blast picking goodies for myself at the National Book Festival in DC this summer, of which I was a volunteer.
  • Pet more foreign dogs I pet all dogs.

So that's my year according to Jan's bullet point ideas. Much more to come.

Until next time, be kind to one another! And keep thinkin about what would be cool to try!


  1. I like this idea instead of a bucket list and you did really well with crossing off so many things! :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  2. It is great that you started a bucket list with all of the things you wanted to do. Big plus that you got to cross a lot of them off! Although you still have some on the list, that's what 2020 is for :). Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. Thanks nancy! Yes, i had and still have hope for 2020. At least we can recalibrate and remap!


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